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The Daily Telegragh – “Home” Magazine“Question of Balance”

What the Client Said

Our first impressions of Luke were exceptional. He was knowledgeable and gave his honest and educated ideas about the design and approach for our house in Concord in a Heritage Conservation Area. Due to this we knew Luke would be the right designer for our house. On presentation of our Concept Plan we were taken aback. It was outstanding. Luke had really taken notice to what we needed and wanted as a family, while also taking into consideration the requirements of our Council. As a result of this the plans and the Development Application were submitted. Luke assured us that every criteria had been met. This was true, as the plans were approved with no issues at all.  Luke throughout the design, lodgment and construction process was more than happy to discuss any questions we had and more importantly offer his invaluable advice.  We are very grateful to the dedication and professionalism that Luke Van Jour has applied and demonstrated in our house designs. We would like to sincerely thank him and would have no hesitation in recommending Distinct Innovations to any person.

 - Corey & Loretta, Concord

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