1.   First Let's Meet. For Free!

Contact us to arrange a 30 min complimentary meeting in our office to have a chat about your site and what you hope to achieve.

2.   Contract of Engagement

If you'd like to proceed, we'll then send you our Contract of Engagement outlining the Stages of work and Progress Payment schedule.

3.  Council Requirements

We will make all the necessary enquiries at your local Council to ensure that we are completely aware of what restrictions if any, we are required to take into consideration before beginning the design process.  We prefer to consult with Council prior to starting any design to ensure a smooth and issue free approval. 

4.   Design Consultation

We'll invite you to our office and spend around 3-4 hours discussing and going through every idea and aspect of your new home.  A confirmation of our design consultation will be sent to you for approval before we go further. There will be an opportunity to make any changes necessary.

5.   Design Concept

We'll call you into the office to view the preliminary concept plans.  This will be a 1-2 hour process.  You will then take the concept home with you to go over and make sure you're happy with all the details.  You can also use this time to contact builders to get estimations of building costs based on the design concept.  At this stage, you will  also have an opportunity to make any further changes required.  A confirmation of our design concept will be sent to you for approval before we go further.

6.   Review Design Concept

After you have received cost estimates from builders based on the Design Concept you'll come back in to discuss the design further to ensure it meets budget.   You will have an opportunity to make any personal adjustments and changes necessary to suit the budget.

7.   Development Application Drawings

Basic floor plans, elevations and sections will be provided.  Once completed we will can either arrange a meeting in the office or send the plans through by email for review.  These will not be working drawings for construction.  They are only for DA approval to move forward with Construction Certificate drawings in the next stage.

8.   Council Submission

Once our Development Application is completed and we receive all the necessary supporting documentation from other consultants, you can take your plans to Council for formal application.  We will follow the application right through to approval.  If there are any unforeseen obstacles or objections from Council we will be available to respond on your behalf.  

9.   Finalisation of Plans for Council & Construction Certificate

After you have received approval for the Development Application from Council, we can proceed to preparing the full Construction Certificate plans.   Once completed, we will again invite you to our office for another consultation.    To date we have a 100% success rate with approvals.  

10.   Other Required Consultants & Documentation

It will be necessary to engage a number of other consultants to finalise the Construction Certificate for lodgement at Council.  EG, structural engineer and any other consultants Council may request.   We can assist you with our contacts or you will be free to get quotes and source them yourself. 

11.   Building

We aren't builders, but we do have an option of providing a Project Management service.  This would involve us working closely alongside your chosen builder,  to ensure that the design we created comes to life exactly as planned. 

It's very exciting for us to see our projects come to life.

 We love to stay in touch until the end and receive progress photos along the way.