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1.   First Let's Meet. For Free!

Contact us to book a 30 min free consultation in our office to have a chat about what you hope to achieve.

2.  Council Requirements

We will study & review your Council's local planning codes & regulations to identify any restrictions before beginning.    

3.   Design Consultation

Spend 3-4 hours thoroughly discussing every aspect of your project.   A summary of our design consultation will be sent to you for consideration and approval.  Once approved,  we will begin the Design Concept Plan.

4.   Design Concept

Come in to the office to  view the preliminary concept plans.  This will be a 1-2 hour meeting.    


Take the concept home to carefully consider all details.  Use this time to contact builders with the Concept Plan for building cost estimates. 

5.   Review Design Concept

After you have received cost estimates we'll meet again to discuss if further changes are needed to meet your budget. 

6.   Development Application Drawings

Basic floor plans, elevations and sections will be provided for review and lodged in Council for approval.

7.   Supporting Documentation

Every Council will require supporting documentation which may include some or all of the following:

Engineer, Shade & Shadow Consultant, Flora & Fauna, Bushfire, Septic, Ecology, Surveyor, Basix

We can co-ordinate these consultants for you or you may choose to do so yourself.

8.   Council Submission

Lodge Development Application and Supporting Documentation at Council. 


We will follow the application right through to approval.

If there are any unforeseen obstacles or objections from Council we will respond on your behalf.  

9.   Finalisation of Plans for Council & Construction Certificate

After Development Application is approved, we proceed to preparing and lodging the full Construction Certificate plans.

We will follow the application right through to approval.

10.   Building

We aren't builders, but we do have an option of providing a Project Management service.  This would involve us working closely alongside your chosen builder,  to ensure that the design we created comes to life exactly as planned. 

Distinct Innovations Building Design
Distinct Innovations Building Design
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