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Winner - Custom Designed Homes
Penrith City Council Design Awards

Best Australian Architecture Magazine

Daily Telegraph - Home Magazine“Who Needs A Brief Anyway”

I have always been advocate of sustainable architecture so this was always the mindset and back bone of this design. Then somehow I had to attach the luxury element and create some dramatic effects with the architecture.  I have always loved steel, rock, glass, timbers and concrete and somehow I wanted to package this all together into the design. I am big fan of modern industrial/commercial buildings so I used this as a guide during the design.  To add some warmth or softness to the design I introduced recycled timbers and stone to offset the heavy cold industrial feel of steel. Soft tone and neutral colours were added to the design palette to further enhance this effect. The pool was an integral part of the design process and it was always going to be the centre piece of the home. 

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