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SILVERDALE FARMHOUSE - An Increasingly Popular Design Choice

The Farmhouse style has become an increasingly popular design choice for many homeowners. This client saw and fell in love with our Mulgoa Farmhouse design, and requested a similar design for their block in Silverdale.

The new build features a custom layout and unique finishes that are personalized to the client's taste and preferences. We have paid careful attention to every detail, from the rustic wooden beams to the elegant light fixtures, to ensure that the Silverdale Farmhouse is a true representation of the Farmhouse style.

If you are considering a new home design, we highly recommend the Farmhouse style. With its warm and inviting feel, it is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a classic, timeless look.

Take a look at the progress shots of the Silverdale Farmhouse. We're looking forward to seeing this one come to life.


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