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DURAL EXTENSION/RENOVATION: A Modern Makeover Without Starting from Scratch

Why knockdown rebuild when you can use what you have to give a modern appearance for half the price of a new build? This is what happened here at this property at Dural.

This private 5-acre estate required a complete overhaul of its front facade and 80% of its floor plan to achieve a modern and inviting appearance and to accommodate the owners' current lifestyle.

We were commissioned to take on this challenge, and we delivered a remarkable solution that incorporated solar roof tiles to cut energy costs. The outcome left the owners ecstatic, and they gave us a stellar testimonial:

"Luke, our designer, was instrumental in this project, and his ability to listen, incorporate suggestions, and guide us through the DA approval process was unparalleled"

David and Robyn, the owners of the property, were thrilled with the process and eagerly anticipate presenting us with the completed renovation.


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